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Joey Greenhalgh's Bo Essentials DVD

Learn essentials of creative and open bo strikes, spins and combinations. Joey explains every move and challenges your skills. Essential for any bo practitioner. Great for instructor or student who wants to add new moves to a curriculum or routine.

G-Force Demo Samurai Swords

Lightweight and perfectly balanced. Individually hand crafted. Jeweler polished 3/16" aircraft aluminum blade. Weigh approx. 1 lb., depending on sword length Handle is grip wrapped and decorated with ultra high-quality paint and chrome. Scabbard is hand sanded ultra-light wood that has been primed, painted and clear-coat sealed. Not intended for combat as impact may damage sword. Made in USA.

Black handle Red handle Blue handle

26" Sword

#19842 #19843 #19844

23" Sword

#19845 #19846 #19847

Mini Hero Sword with Stand

Steel blade featuring long shape hole in the center. Chinese writing engraved on blade "Ean Shong" meaning "Hero." Overall Length: 15". Leather wrapped handle. Custom wooden scabbard tipped with decorative metal and wrapped with leather straps. Wooden sword stand with the same gold Chinese writing included

23" Sword

#19845 #19846 #19847

Gforce Painted Sword

19" Sword

#19848 #19849 #19850

19" Sword

#19848 #19849 #19850

G-Force Nunchaku

Made of ultra-light wood and Individually hand cut, sanded, and decorated with chrome and color. For demonstration only. Fighting may damaged nunchaku upon con tact. 11" long. Available with either 2" cord or 2 ball bearing swivel designed by weapons champion Matt Emlng. Sold In sets of 2 pair. Made In USA.

#19792 Chrome/black with cord Chrome/blue with cord Chrome/red with cord Chrome/black ball bearing swivel Chrome/blue ball bearing swivel Chrome/red ball bearing swivel

Self Defense Belts

Dept. BG05

Mini Samurai "Bill" and "Bride" Swords with Stand

Measure 17" overall. Stainless steel blade with traditional temper line. Replica cast metal traditional guard, collar, end cap and scabbard with orchid design. Dragon design menu-ki. Traditional black cord wrapped handle over simulated rayskin. Gold replica three leaf design on scabbard and stand. "Bill" sword features devil symbol etched into blade, on high polished black scabbard, and on the wooden single sword stand. "Bride" sword features the lion symbol In same three places. Mini "Bill" Sword #1351 $13.95 ea. Mini "Bride" Sword #1352 $13.95 ea.

Dept. BG05

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