15" Diameter I " Tlilck Dragon or Ninja Design.

White Size 000 to 8 White wf Black Trim Si 1 to 0

Kung Fu Uniform

All Black or Black w! white trim XXXSloXL Î2B.&5 XXL $33.95

XXXL 5 37.95

Kata Thins


Hiraivood oA I lu a I finish i- center dlameler lapsMnn lo V," dis m ei er, SO'S11,65, BQ-SÎ2.SS, 72" S1S.AS

Tapered l v.- liiameier in ceiner mpars lo"1 ■ al His end&. B' SI 3.95

Ratiail I'fi* dteplar. Hjwgm 5" J 15.95, 51 JI 3.95, SO" 15 3 95 --- '---TirJ—tt<------' -——nil-n-■

I - dim.««., Ijqnfira 4.S', S', 5.5". 6' 115.95

LJghiwckflil. As! I

Full Tang

Samurai Sword

K at an a slack flCiSIWRU

Super fihup 11 n If ■■ ■ l«l Ftrtity Cnmil Wauden ItAnrfls

The Ultimate Karate Bible

The Ultimate Karate Bible

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