NEW! Mystic Dragon Tower Knife $2995ea.

This colorful ornamental knife tower stands up on any desk, table or display shelf. The dragon head can be removed to reveal a 7" 440 stainless blade. Overall tower height is 12". (#1301)

NEW! 5 Point Star $1495ea.

5" diameter. Includes carrying case with convenient belt loop on back. (#1478)

NEW! Storm Throwing NEW! Naginata Sword $6995ea. Star s1495ea.

This 6-blade star is 4" in total diameter and comes with its own carrying case. Case includes belt loop on back. (#1422)

NEW! 5 Point Star $1495ea.

5" diameter. Includes carrying case with convenient belt loop on back. (#1478)

The weapon of choice for battle against horsemen and swords. Measures 63-1/4" tall with 21" 440 sharp stainless blade. Handle unscrews for easy storage. Includes black hardwood scabbard with dragon design. Stand sold separately. (#1582)

NEW! Naginata Wooden Sword Stand $1995ea.

Black hardwood display stand. (#1583)

NEW! Mini Shinai s1595ea. *

This 15" replica is made of bamboo with a leather covered handle and plastic hand guard.

NEW! Cyclone Throwing Star 1495ea.

3" etched stainless steel blade star folds into cyclone shape for safe storage and handling. Embossed with pirate design in center. (#1408)

NEW! Dragon Samurai Katana s4995ea.

Features a 440 stainless steel blade samurai katana, 40" overall length. Available in a black lacquer finish with wooden scabbard. (#1574)

NEW! Bamboo Dragon Fighting Fan ®1295ea.

Painted bamboo featuring a dragon design on red nylon taffeta or a dragon and phoenix on green nylon taffeta. 10" long sticks, opens to 18" wide.

#1418 Green Fan #1419 Red Far

NEW! Black Widow Butterfly Knives s1495ea.

3-1/4" blade is made of 440 steel. Available in 2 colors with a black widow spiderweb design. Closed length is 5".

#1359 Black #1360 Rec

All weapons are intended for demonstration or decorative purposes oniy. fused for demonstration, expert care and supervision should be exercised. Sharp swords will not be sold to minors.

NEW! 28" Black Alloy Samurai Sword s3995ea.

Features an alloy aluminum samurai, 28" overall length. Black lacquer finish with wooden scabbard. (#1572)

NEW! 3 Piece Black Alloy Sword Set S3335set

Includes an aluminum alloy bladed 40" samurai katana, 32" wakizashi, and 21" tanto with a wood display stand. Available in a black lacquer finish with wooden scabbards. (#1573)

Titres Easy Ways to Plaça Your Order: Toll-Free Phone J Tall-Free

Secure Ordering On-Une iMIXljaum

11601 Caroline Road, Philadelphia, PA 19154

Dept. BB05

NEW! Adidas® Adiluxe Sneaker $6995pr.

Soft leather construction with a padded tongue. Black rubber sole includes two pivot points for increased mobility when turning and firm plastic arch support. Available in black with white stripes or white with black stripes.

#364288 - Dragon's Roar #364404 - Fire Pose


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