m Meet and learn from legends in a series of two-hour training clinics by the industry's most renowned experts, including William Cheung, Eric Lee, Gene LeBell, Gokor Chivichyan, Bart Vale, Stephen K. Hayes, Jim Wagner, Rorion Grade, Fumio Demura,H.C. Hwang, John Pellegrini, Dan Severn and more! In addition, we will be featuring a series of one-hour "sampler" seminars hosted by a variety of local and up-and-coming martial arts experts and instructors!

The Ultimate Karate Bible

The Ultimate Karate Bible

Stop being the victim. Long lost manuscript will show you exactly how to humiliate your enemies with a few secret moves. Stop for a minute and picture this you're walking home alone one night. It's just a regular night like any other and you are eager to get home.

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