Biack Belt Hall of Fame :Mastei| Stephen K. Hayes.

ninja grandmaster's apprentice in Ihe 1970s and 80s. and bodyguard tor Asian spiritual royalty in tbe;90s. leaches you Ihe enlightened warrior s secrets for conquering bridal and deadly opposition

Ninja 21st Century Unarmed Combat Black Beit Home Study Course - Learn the Go-dai 5-eiement strategy-based combat training for stopping determined grapplers, punchers, kickers, and chokers - gritty and honest for real-worid fighting victory -12-DVD Course & Textbook - $329.95

Meditation for the Martial Artist ■ Combat the 5 inner enemies of Doubt. Distraction Diversion. Delusion, and Denial when urid^r attack, instruction and ¡0-minute practice kata - DVD- $39.95

Ninja Sword Kenjutsu Kihon Fundamentals -10 fighting postures and 9.kilting cut patterns with the Japanese sword - DVDK Training Logbook - S49.95

Ninja Staff Bojutsu Kihon Fundamentals - 9 fighting postures and 9 sword-stopping strike patterns with Ihe 6 fl staff - DVD aifaining Logbook - $49.95 Bojutsu Shod en Advanced Ninja StafijMethod - 9 battie-tested kata patterns with modern empty hand adaptations - 4 DVD set - $149 95

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