Knife Fighting


This article is not about the blade arts. It's simply an exposition of my research, experimentation and personal findings on the subject of edged-weapon encounters. The simulation methods discussed herein can—and have—resulted in injury. Of2,460 blade-vs.-blade simulations conducted in South Baltimore and Dundalk, Maryland, from March 1999 to October 2002, the following injuries were sustained:

• 10 facial abrasions, primarily to the bridge of the nose

• 3 mild concussions

• 2 severe ankle sprains

• 2 instances of genital trauma

• 1 severe wrist sprain

• 4 mild thumb sprains

• numerous bruises to the abdominal, pectoral and biceps muscles —J.L.

In the winter of 1999, I was getting deep into research for my book, The Logic of Steel: A Fighter's View of Blade and Shank Encounters, when I became aware of a widening gulf between my findings and the expectations of the knife enthusiasts and blade-oriented martial


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