Mario Sperry Master Series

MARIO I Mario Sperry returns in Master Series 2 for six more DVDs and a iiinai'iniii:^ whole new level of competitive action! Learn how to execute Sperry's . SPERRY I devastating clock choke, which he used to defeat two Gracie fighters in one year. Get a jump on the competition by learning more about ' . takedowns, passing the closed guard, passing the open guard, passing

«¡¡■'e™» .„/v. v, the half guard, advanced turnovers, sweeps and submissions. £mKi 6 Dl'D ^ DV0 Code 9289—Retail $199.99 Or?iFor retail sale only. No wholesale prices!


This is the original Renzo Gracie / Craig Kukuk series that changed Brazilian jujutsu forever. Originally sold for almost S400, this digitally remastered DVD series looks better than the original VHS version. This three-DVD set deals with sport jujutsu and no-holds-barred fighting. Gracie and Kukuk take you through each technique with clear, concise explanations for easy learning. -^■U DVD Code 9229—Retail $59.99 g™ ¿- For retail sale only. No wholesale prices!

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Ever wondered what Chinese medicine is all about and whether it works? Thinking about consulting a practitioner but want to know some facts first? Look no further! Here's your chance to purchase an in depth and fully comprehensive eBook on anything and everything to do with this ancient philosophy.

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