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In Israeli Combat Shooting: Fundamentals and Intermediate Skills, reality-fighting expert Mike Lee Kanarek teaches the state-of-the-art firearms methods he learned while training with elite Israeli spec-ops groups. The topics include dry fire, live fire, stances, drawing, cocking, trigger control and stress drills. The set sells for $79.95. (888) 606-3400,

Haganah Dvds
Ancient Philosophy Of Aikido

Ancient Philosophy Of Aikido

Find Out the Broad Array of Aikido Styles, Understanding And Importance! Prepare Tough But Prepare Smart. How will you arrive at your objective of polishing superior Aikido skills? This e-book and audio is a total martial arts guide and will not bore you with the traditional standards and thoughts like other e-books do. We ensure you that this e-book is laden with rare information that will kick start your Aikido training regime in the correct manner and transform your life evermore!

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