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And.*J*Discover A Never Before Revealed Game Called Body Low TImi Makes Doing Both' Wtrigfit Exercises So FUN find EASY Thai Your Grandmother Will Want To Play."

by Mike Moses

Black Belt Selfdefence

After serving 10 year* in (he Marine Corp. being involved in Martial Arts fur Over 30 year;, obtaining S Black Belts and being a perianal bodyguard lo »me of t lie moit famous people in the World it was my job to stay in shape. I've read about all of these different program! that will give you Anirnal-OrvThe-Attack Speed, Buzz-Saw Strength, Functional Flexibility and World Championship Stemina but at age 37 very few things get me edited and motivated, the last thing that got me res I ly excited was Brai iliar Jiu-Ji tsu it! wh ¡eh I received my Black Belt. AiaMarineand BJJ Black Belt! on ly I isten to people that ta I k the talk a rtd wa I k the wa Ik. I thought I was in great shape until I began training with Lloyd Irwin who opened my eye; And changed my life. Lloyd Irvin is known for having revolutionary training methods lor fitness, strength and conditioning and Martial Arts, His athletes are same of the most Well conditioned athletes in the country. But I had no idea how revolutionary his methods were until I started to personally train with him.

Hopefully you've heard about how amazing body we ig ht exe rases are an d how they ca n blow tore h away fat. double your strength and flexibility, quadruple your endurance, reduce chronic back and shoulder pain, increase your self confidence, give you functional strength, give you a younger looking appearance, can be done in under 5 minute», require absolutely no equipment, can been done basically anywhere and the best part of all ANYONE do it and getthese type of results.

Just in case you don't know Lloyd Irvin, he is a Multiple Time National Judo Champion, Multiple Time National Sombo Champion and World Renowned Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Competitor/Coach. He's the only peison in the W&rld to hold black belts in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Combat Sombo and Judo, fn 5003 he was named The United States Judo Federation International Coach of the year. Also in 20M he was named the NAG A North American Grappling Associations Instructor of the Year as weli as The Grapplers Quest 2Q0J Instructor of tha Year. Most recently he was inducted into The Grappling Hall of Fame.

As I'm writing this letter Lloyd's never sold any pmducts before, as you can see he's been way to busy in the trenches competing and producing Manorial and International Champions including a 2004 Olympian wi th h is a maz i ng train i ng sec nets. It seems Lloyd always takes everything to the next level in everything he does and that's g real news for you,

I told him that he needed to stop being selfish and let the World i n on some of his a mazing programs. He was very hesitant at first but I finally convinced him to share his Amazing Body Weight program with the World, One of the biggest problems with these types of exercises ane that the ro ul ines ca n get ve ry bo ri ng over time. Abo ut i years ago Uoyd created a dice game called BodyLow The Dice Game. The game is absolutely amazing and makes doing these exercises very fun and easy. With BodyLow" The Dice Game you will ALWAYS have different routines to da FOREVER, you'll NEVER gel bored working out again. You can play the game for 2 minutes, 5 minutes or 30 minutes, no matter how much timeyou have.

You can play BodyLow " for just 5 minutes a day 2-3 times a week and be on your way to burning fat, shredding your muscles, building endurance, building fu nc tiona I stieng ih, kicking b urt a nd ta k ¡ng na mes and so much more.

it's no secret to ma that you know how to get people into great shape with the most m irti'm a! effort required. I don't have time to gu! into the gym all of the tune and with your NHB Strength Training book I can get a quick and wsy tuU body worirout in no time. I any my BadyLow' Dice everywhere Igo,

Nakapan Phungephorn, BJJ Black Belt Muay Thai Champion

People are always amazed lha' I never get tired in competition, Working out isnt fun to me and J couldn't begin To count [he amount oMvorkouts I ve quit because they were so boring. The Botiylow Dice made it simple te stick with this workout ancf it's on» of the reasons I don't get tired in competition,

Mlk« Fowler. Purple Belt. Pan American Champion

NHB Strength Training is simply imaging; in a manor of minutes you Can get a

Ueyd is a Mister at getting a fightw phytitaliy prepared for competition. When i have a big Grappling or

Fight coming up I'm on the phone with Uovd to gel my routine. NHfi Strength training is a must have book for anyojl »that wanrs to get inro shape

Tyrone "The West Coast Phi no m" Glover. BJJ Brown


Undefeated i n N H B F ghting

Uoyd rhanks for making working out fun again. My wife and kids play BodyLow iiyfrh me now. My son jusf se! fi.'s school record in push-ups using NHB Strength Training I never thought I would en/oy work in gout SO much Mike Wlilthall, BJJ Blue Belt. Judo Black Belt

I used NHB Strength Training to prepare for my Muay Thai Championship bout. I n#ver felt tetter in a fight in my entire life, mv tegs were fresh, my punches were powerful, and my body was hard and lew. AH or ovary training session 1 played BodyLotv ' TTie Dice Game for 5 minutes an d it m ade a huge difference in my training. Jose VIII Irisco, WKA Muay Thai Champion

The NHB Strength Training book is the most complete book on the mar ket for getting lite changing result5, the book has over 50 exercises, a Fitness Questionnaire, Lifestyle Questionnaire, Diet Questionnaire, Physical Questionnaire, Commitment Questionnaire, Medical Questionnaire, Goal Setting Worksheets, covers the right foods ts eat, the cómprete BodyLow The Dies Instructions and more to got you into the best shgpe of your Ufa almost instantly. Be one of the first 30 people to orderand you'll get the BodyLow " Dice Absolutely FREE!

Your total investment in this life-changing book it S39.95 p I u s S6 S& H U .S. (foreign orders ad d S12). Order online at www worldciasstrainingsecrets com. Or you can send a money order to Emory Marketing Systems LLC. 6333 Old Branch Ave. «302 Temple Hills Md, 20748, Don't forget if you re one of the first 30 poople to order you'll receive the BodyLow dice absolute I y F REE this is a $24.95 val tie.

fulibody wonkout. Just the other day f prayed wirh the Sodyiow pica for 5 mi'nures in my bedroom before J went to work, ir increased m v en ergy levels for th e entire day and my wis loves the Way my body looks.

Mike Moses, fiJJ Black Belt 2 Time Pan American Champion. Certified Thai Boxing Instructor

Order By Phone at 300-828-5327 and pay by credit card, check or pay pal.

# Ves, I'd ht ¡mum Not" totakeyotiuponthis aiirid ring offer.

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