by Thomas Denny (Veteran Shooto, Japan and IFC Fighter) and Chad Saunders (IFC Champion) Volume 1-TAKEDOWNS & DRILLS: Double and single takedowns and a variety of other techniques. (Approx. 55 min.)

VHS Code 8750—Retail $29.95 Volume 2—SUBMISSIONS PART 1: A variety of submissions and counters. Designed to familiarize you with basic submissions and prepare you for Part 2. (Approx. 56 min.) VHS Code 8760-Retall $29.95 Volume 3—SUBMISSIONS PART 2: Key locks, arm and hammer locks, various grip-breaking techniques and more. (Approx. 55 min.)

VHS Code 8770-Retail $29.95 Volume 4-LEG LOCKS & COUNTERS: A variety of leg locks and counters, starting with the basics. (Approx. 55 min.) VHS Code 8780-Retail $29.95 Volume 5-SWEEPS & ROLLS: Learn good sweeping techniques, most of which are being shown for the first time on video. (Approx. 55 min.)

VHS Code 8790-Retail $29.95 Volume 6—PASSING & IMPROVING THE GUARD: This tape is sure to improve your ground game. (Approx. 54 min.) VHS Code 8800-Retail $29.95 Buy all 6 VHS tapes for $149.75-Code X125

Ancient Philosophy Of Aikido

Ancient Philosophy Of Aikido

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