November 2006

Chicago, IL - Novem ber 2-5, 2006- IMAF inc. and Masters of Tapi-Tapi present a 4-day training camp in Modern Amis. All skill levels welcome and will learn single and double cane, and empty-hand techniques featuring: disarming, trapping, locking and throwing, and the fascinating flow of Tapi-Tapi (counter for counter)! Contact Ken Smith 10714 W163rd ST. Orland Park, IL 60462 (708) 460-7360. E-mail: [email protected] . Full listing at So New Jersey, November 4, 2006 — George Dillman Seminar. Contact Chris Menchini (609) 713-1827, seacriss1 @aol. com or Ric O'Hagen [email protected] Nashville, TN, Novem ber 11, 2006 — George Dillman Seminar. Contact Steve Cooper (615) 885-7733. Contact Steve Cooper (615) 885-7733, Baton Rouge, LA - November 19, 2006 — George Dillman Seminar. Contact John Ralston (225) 272-2683, [email protected]

London, England — November 24,25 & 26, 2006 —

2nd Annual George Dillman 3 Day Martial Arts Training Camp & Birthday Bash!! Contact Paul Bowman, [email protected]

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The Ultimate Karate Bible

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