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LCatalog neck and head." The middle areas work great for stopping an opponent by knocking the wind out of him, or worse if certain vital areas are struck. The neck and head can function as immediate off-switches for adversaries who deserve to be put out of commission.

• Phase two involves rigorous physical training in which you practice your kicks first on imaginary opponents, then on a heavy bag or training dummy and finally on a padded partner. It bolsters your knowledge of the targets, their precise locations and the best angles to use for maximum effectiveness. Hahn recommends devoting one or more hours a day several times a week to this phase.

• Phase three pertains to chambering and power management. Because short-range kicking doesn't use a lengthy wind-up or require lots of distance, much of your success depends on awareness and control of your chambering movement. Likewise, you must be able to judge the range of your kicks and the distance to the target. "All kicks done here necessitate that you raise your leg to the chambered position," Hahn says. "The farther you cock your foot back, the more acceleration you can achieve, and more acceleration adds up to a more powerful kick. Upper-level kicks require a higher and tighter close-to-the-body chamber. As your high-and-tight chamber improves, so does your capacity to hit your target with power and control."

In general terms, power management is the ability to measure and manage the acceleration you achieve when moving your foot from the chambered position to the target, Hahn says. "It's important to understand that you don't need to kick really hard; you just need to be precise. Bill 'Superfoot' Wallace is great at short-range precision kicking. Look at how he cocks his leg and how tight it is. That's the secret to close-range kicking."

About the author: Floyd Burk is a freelance writer and martial arts instructor with 35 years of experience. Andrew Hahn is the owner of the International Martial Arts Center in Manhattan, New York. For more information, visit http:// www.blackbeltmag.com and click on Community, then Black Belt Authors.

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