Student learns to survive a sniper

DQE n vLt in Canadian dollars

Students using stage blood for realism

$145 as a student $290 to become instructor certified

You must compigM all five courses to become a Level 1 Instructor, a total cost of Si ,450 However, you do not have to take them all in this one week. Finish the courses you don't take at a future seminar. For those who just want to team self-defence, and have no desire to teach, you can take any course at the student price.

To sign up for Reality-Based courses

Jim Wagner ^ seminars Paris, France August 1 la August II

Solingen, Germany Sept 18 to September 22 Los Angeles, USA Nov 6 to November 10 New York City December A to December 6

Jim end Dallas or contact: Dallas Johnson, Director of Canada Phone: USA {949) 203-2835 Canada (604} 781 -8707 email: dalla&

Dallas Johnson received his instructor certifies lion from Jim Wagner on June IS, 2004 He was One Oi the first instructors in Canada to teach the Reality ■ Based system In December 2005 Dallas was appointed Director of Canada making him the official represenlallve of Ihe Rea Illy-Based Personal Protection system.

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The Ultimate Karate Bible

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