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Vfefi I want to learn Authentic Ninjutsu!

_Black Belt Home Sludy Course J t Year Membership tSJ79]

_fllatk Bell Course Manual liSpagEigSU 96.

Intern! P j inksrc DofQ Assn ItenfcSBhij) iii SJJ per yea'

Ninjutsu Black Belt Course includes:

Body Conditioning, Ninja Poslures. Punching, Kicking. Rolling, Evaser. Wrist Locfcs. Escapes Trom Grabs, Bneahfalls. Eartft.Fire, Water Wind Void Forms, M├ęditai ion Leaping SkiMs.Grappling, Body Grab Escapes, Weapons: ShuriKen, H an J Claws. Sword. Slaffs, Kusari. Shoge. Mstsubushi. Kicking Counters, Leg Sweeps. Jumping fl Owing Techniques, Throwing Skills. Using Nature. Cbcrite Holds. Climbing Skills. Steallh. Organ; Muscle Attacks, Multiple Attackers. Disarms, and much much more.

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