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sessions, both as a target and while holding a focus mitt. Despite being a black-belt member of three karate organizations, with additional judo and wing chun experience, I've had almost no luck blocking this technique. It has speed, power and deception, and you don't have to be an Olympic athlete to throw it. You just need the right timing and body mechanics.

Regardless of whether you use a right or left lead, the JKD straight punch is a great technique to build your system around. Bruce Lee obviously knew what he was doing when he focused on it. Serious martial artists will look forward to reading Tom's book.

It was also nice to read the editorial, which provided background information about the article and the people featured in it.

Mike Rutter Sauk Rapids, MN

Editor's Note: A jeet kune do column penned by Teri Tom will debut in a future issue of Black Belt. It promises to present cutting-edge information and never-before-revealed insights that will supercharge your fighting skill and knowledge base.

Karate Way Column Was Disrespectful

First, I'd like to say I love your magazine. It's one of the few places where one can read articles about the traditional martial arts, the mixed martial arts and the reality-based martial arts.

The only part of it I dislike is the Karate Way column by Dave Lowry. I understand that he's very passionate about his subject, and that's good. The problem is, he often uses rude language and just seems bitter. His recent essay, titled "Masters," was disrespectful to anyone who disagrees with him.

I understand that in Japan, things may be different than they are here in the United States. But the word "master" is used in the American martial arts all the time. In most systems, it's simply a title a person receives after reaching a specific rank. It's not something people simply call themselves to attract business—although that may happen from time to time.

In the May 2006 issue, Lowry was angry at people who call themselves "master." In the February 2006 issue, he was furious at the Gracies. Does he have anything productive to put on the table, or is he just going to tear people apart forever?

Brendan Davis via the Internet

Editor's Note: You'd better not read this month's installment...

In Defense of Indian Martial Arts

This letter is in response to a letter titled "All Martial Arts Not From India" written by Kenneth Tennyson in the April 2006 issue of Black Belt. The author did his share of India bashing, and I thought it was time that someone corrected the "facts" he put forward.

Indians have never claimed to have invented the martial arts. The only claim is that the oldest martial arts systems existed in India before spreading to many parts of the world. I would like to emphasize the expression "martial arts system" because a system consists of

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