Saulo Ribeiro Jiujitsu Revolution

cmaS^t^sjji o Saulo Ribeiro breaks all the rules in this innovative grappling series. ■■■RinmniBBaii JiuJitsu Revolution! With an unprecedented six world Mundial Jiu-

Jitsu titles (the most in history), Ribeiro's fight game is one of absolute ffiy^' mastery over all positions in competition. Ribeiro's unorthodox ap -

'if & Proach to weight distribution, body momentum and light strategy take

4 Bj on new meaning as Ribeiro teaches how to maximize your technique. «»!, tRJ " V xz Make each transition and move in your grappling game mucl1 more P0*^1 than youever 'bought possible with """"* ''»"■r^/lr this exciting set! DVD Code 9429—Retail $149.99 For retail sale only. No wholesale prices!

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