The Complete Grappler

The Definitive Guide to Fighting and Winning on the Ground with Mark Hatmaker

What do you really need to know to be a good grappler? Mark Hatmaker has dedicated his life to the research and practice of the world's wrestling systems and boiled that answer down to more than 380 essential skills that form the core of The Complete Grappler. Through more than 10 hours of video and a fully illustrated companion workbook, Hatmaker presents detailed instruction in every technique of the system and reveals how they collectively create the strategies and tactics of true scientific wrestling. Consisting primarily of all new material not Included In his other videos, this Incredible turnkey course is not only the most exhaustive one-stop source of practical grappling information ever compiled, it represents a landmark achievement in the history of the wrestling arts. 10+ hours of instruction and workbook (8 1/2 x 11, softcover, photos, 496 pp.) #CGSETDVD DVD: $259.95


Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Ever wondered what Chinese medicine is all about and whether it works? Thinking about consulting a practitioner but want to know some facts first? Look no further! Here's your chance to purchase an in depth and fully comprehensive eBook on anything and everything to do with this ancient philosophy.

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