The Exercise To Longevity

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Become a health and wellness 4-Minute Fitness motivational speaker.

Expand your martial arts business!

Teach Easy Tai Chi

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Shotokan Karate

Video & DVD

Instructors Joel Ertl and Anita Bendickson guide you through the fine points of JKA style Shotokan karate. Money back guarantee!

Heian Kata 1-5 (includes all 5 katas) $39.95 Advanced Shotokan Kata $39.95 each

Vol 1: Tekki Shodan, Bassai-dai, Jion, Kanku-dai, Empi Vol 2: Tekki Nidan, Tekki Sandan, Gankaku, Jutte,

Hangetsu, Sochin Vol 3: Unsu, Chinte (includes applications) Vol 4: Nijushi-ho, Kanku-sho (includes applications)

$39.95 each

Shotokan Kata Applications

Vol 1: Bassai-dai, Empi Vol 2: Kanku-dai, Tekki Nidan Vol 3: Gankaku, Jion

Essential Basics $39.95 each

Vol 1: Overview of basic punching, blocking and kicking Vol 2: Underlying principles of arm techniques Vol 3: Principles of kicking techniques

$39.95 each

Sparring Concepts

One-step and semi-free sparring Free sparring and training drills

Available in Video or DVD. Please specify when ordering. Special Offer: Buy any 3 videos or DVDs for $109.95 Each additional item is $35.00

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