The Tiger Claw Elite National Championship Is A Black Belt Only Open Competition

Tiger Claw National Qualifier Tournaments

Rocky Mountain National Challenge, Ogden, UT - April 7-8 RDK's Ultimate National, Santa Clara, CA - May 5-6 Western Wyoming Championships, Green River, WY - May 20 San Diego Grand Nationals, San Diego, CA - May 20 - 21 Slug Fest International, New Orleans, LA - July 2006 Long Beach Internationals, Long Beach, CA - July 28-30 US Capitol Classics China Open, Washington, DC - August 11-13 Kick/USA State Championship, Titusville, FL - September 15-16 KA Open / LA Sheriff's Cup, Los Angeles, CA - September 17

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Modern Arnis

Filipino Martial Arts

Masters of Tapi-Tapi

Dedicated to the Legacy and Vision of a Grandmaster Remy A Presas

IMAF, Inc. 2006 Training Camps

February 23 - 26 Houston, TX Al Garza (281) 332-5425

April 28 - 30 Columbus, OH Dan McConnell (614) 439-8459

June 22 - 25 Lansing, MI Chuck Gauss (734) 635-0887

July 14 - 16 Cromwell, CT Master Brian Zawilinski (860) 930-8721

October 19 - 22

Chicago, IL Master Ken Smith (708) 460-7360

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In the author's experiments, participants wore work gloves, safety goggles, boxing wraps, soccer shin pads for the wrists and a mouthpiece (not shown). It was deemed essential for the subjects to track slashes and stabs so they could later evaluate the consequences of their actions.

has one beat to counter before he calls himself out, providing an opportunity to counter. Any counter that can be employed without chambering or stepping is good. A player who freezes after being stroked can be doubled in this way. In theory, players may stand toe-to-toe and engage in continuous contact in a flow-point bout.

Players call points on themselves to maintain accuracy because the aggressor is often found to be unaware of strokes he landed. That's because his audiovisual acuity and limited tactile sensitivity through the glove and dummy knife are markedly inferior to his opponent's sense of pain.

While the 11-point bout system produced a lot of information, it encouraged the trading of strokes and failed to develop the players' defensive ability at the same rate as their offensive capacity. A five-point deductive bout system was

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