( I SB N -13:978-0 -89750-0 5 3-f ) Cede 405 —Retail S12-95

^^BRL CELEEl the incomparable 1

FIGHTER m i\ by M. Uyehara.

Through the eyes of the author, gel to know the I rue Bruce Lee. Pound tor pound, he may have been the greatest tighter who ever lived. He was cocky and full ot confidence, but he was also compassionate and witty. Read about his good and bad times. About his dreams and destiny shattered by his early death. The author, a student ot Bruce Lee's and one.of his best friends, is the co-author of the best-selling volumes, Bruce Lee's Fighting Method. Fully illustrated, 144 pgs, (ISBN-10:0-89750-120-9) (ISBN-13:978-0-89750-120-0) Cade 4E1 — Retail $19.95

01WING CHUN KUNG FU/JEET KUNE DO: 4 Comparison, Vol. 1 by William Cheung

Bruce Lee's original art (wing „ „ C„UN nunc Z, chun>and tfie art developed (jeet kune do) are compared by Lee's associates. Includes

JEET «UHE CO: stances an[j f00tw0rk, hand

""" and leg techniques, tactics, iuxmiuuw vai. i and self-defense.

Fully Illustrated. 192 pgs. (ISBN-10:0-89750-124-1) (ISBN-13:978-0-89750-124-8) Code 464 —Retail $14.95


Hundreds of letters from Bruce Lee fans-poured in at Rainbow Publications.

cations. Inc. before, as Well as after, his death! Selected letters are compiled in this volume, first published his life, hfs art. and his untimely death affected and influenced his worldwide legion of fans. Learn about his art jeet kune do through his personal replies to letters he recieved In 1967. Get to know the real Bruce Lee through a hand-written letter he sent his friend and student M Uyehara. Illustrated with photos Of Bruce Lee. Size 8-3/8" x 10-7/8", 96 pgs (ISBN-10: 0-89750-069-5) (ISBN-13:978-0-89750-069-2) Code 407 —Retail $15.95

THE LEGENDARY BRUCE LEE by the Editors of Black'Selt magazine. A collection of articles detailing Bruce Lee's rise to fame, including Lee's own famous and controversial essay "Liberate Yourself from Classical Karate." 160 pgs. (ISBN-10:0-89750-106-3) (ISBN-13:978-0-89750-106-4) Code 446 —Retail $10.95

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complete story of E^fi Í, albums. Size 8-1/4x10-1/4". 192 pgs, (ISBN-10:0-89750-121-7) ■ (ISBN-13:978-0-B9750-121-7) Code 460 —Retail $19.95


m "FUHVJillustrateljlf®^^^^^ 112 pgs. (ISBN-10: 0-89750-112-8) (ISBN-13: 978-0-89750-112-5) Code 451 — Retail $0.50

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