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Have you ever had a pistol stuffed in your face by a desperate drug addict? Ever been in a knife fight, empty-handed? Been clubbed over the head by a stolen police baton? Or nearly beaten to death by 3 guys twice your size?

I have. It's not something I'm proud of, and it's not something that was necessarily my fault. But if you're alive long enough in this world you learn that sometimes "bad sh-- happens." It's real out there, it's bad, and it's nothing like what they teach in the karate schools.

Do you really think your current training could pull you through what I've just described? Please don't take offense, but I seriously doubt it.

Here's why: I had 2 black belts when the above happened to me. I was tough, competent, young and an aggressive sparrer. I've worked in security, high-risk collections & bodyguarding.

I learned the hard way that someone's certifications and pieces of paper on the wall don't mean squat - all that counts is what they can DO! The Night My Life Changed Forever

One night at my dojo I was giving a private lesson to two of my advanced students. A guy had called and asked if he could come down to check out my school. "No problem" I said.

When he showed up, he had one eye and a few facial scars. He wasn't an "Arnold" but he looked as strong as a tank and walked like a panther. He was clearly "in total control."

He was respectful of me as a teacher, but he clearly could've mopped the floor with me if he'd wanted to. He had all six 100 lb Muay Thai bags swinging wildly at once, and he literally ran up the sides of the walls! I am dead serious.

When I faced him off with a student he would "tune out" to somewhere else and go into "kill mode." It was like he was in another world.

Needless to say, my students were SCARED TO DEATH and BEGGED me not to let him join the school.

While most instructors big egos would assure that, I saw an opportunity. When my students left I said to him "you can't join the school because you'd scare off all my students. But will you TEACH ME what you know? It's the most incredible thing I've ever seen!"

So every night after my studio closed, around 9 pm, he'd show up and give me a private lesson til around midnight. It was painful. It was brutal. It was the strangest, most bizarre training I'd ever seen. And, OH GOD HOW I LOVED IT!!

My Life Was Completely Transformed By What I'd Learned!

He had no name for his style. He never charged me a cent. He only asked me that I never mention his name. I never have, and I never will. To this day I consider him the greatest teacher and fighter of all time.

Keep in mind, up to that point I'd done the whole CQC, Ju-Jitsu, JKD Instructor thing - all of it, whatever you want to call it, with some of the top names in the field. But


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I'm sure you're smart enough to realize that most DVDs aren't really "hard-core" enough, while at the same time being SIMPLE enough for the normal guy to understand instantly.

There are some good instructors out there but alot of them are just egomaniacs who are out for money and want you to join their "guru cult."

Look. Fish don't try to swim, they swim! Don't try to react - react! Don't try to feel - feel!

I mean, does a fish need a membership card or a certificate in order to swim? NO! It just swims, instinctively, and THAT is the truth of "Martial Arts" and "Jeet Kune Do" I think Bruce Lee was really getting at - I mean,


It should be just what it is - is this info USEFUL TO ME, or not? That's why Bruce Lee said "Absorb What Is Useful, Reject What Is Useless.. "


I know you've seen alot here that is "truly" useful to save your life and keep you street-safe.

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Listen to me. If you're afraid, if you Freeze Like A Deer In the Headlights when you get attacked by a hardcore street thug YOU WILL BE KILLED OR BEATEN BLOODY.

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Jsetui, Keiect What I



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