Chikairi No Jitsu

This is the name given to those techniques which involve actually penetrating the enemy sphere of influence, those areas under his control. Much of the direct intelligence gathering work of the Ninja is accomplished by infiltration, on-site reconnaissance, surveillance, and intervention. Because of the emphasis on individual initiative, special operations in the field, such as individual patrols from forward base camps, ambush, sabotage, and other forms of clandestine activity, are not only necessary but essential to the success of the mission. Intelligence is gathered and classified as follows:

Information about the enemy: The number and type of units encamped, their morale and state of readiness, their present and past deployment, and the caliber and experience of their leaders. Cover and concealment: These factors must be observed and evaluated not only for the enemy, but also for infiltrating agents.

Obstacles: Anything which might prevent a successful assault or impede an approach.

Avenues of approach and escape: Both are necessary for any type of intervention.

Fields of observation and fire: Consider these from both the enemy point of view and your own.

The objective of reconnaissance is to locate and obtain this information. The success of any attack depends on the accuracy and timeliness of this data. Ideally, patrols consist of three individuals acting alone with the same mission. These agents move by stealth, avoiding any engagement with the enemy, and gather intelligence by direct surveillance. This may be accomplished by establishing observation posts, by patrolling, or by infiltrating the enemy in disguise. All of the information so collected must then be coordinated and evaluated, as well as verified, so that an effective assault can be planned.

Ninja are especially trained in methods of memory retention, a skill which enables them to accurately observe and recall the details of enemy positions and strength. Furthermore, the Ninja are not above tricking the enemy into thinking he is under attack. When this happens, the enemy alerts his troops and assembles them so they can be counted. They are harassed by the false alarm, and the officers are made to look foolish. All of this confusion and dissension serve to further the mission.

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