Double Dragon Stomp Front

As the enemy turns or is thrown onto his back, jump up in the air and land on him with both feet, using all your weight to drive your heels as far as possible into the soft tissues of this lower belly and chest.

Bear in mind that the ribcage is designed to protect the internal organs from precisely this type of shock and crushing pressure.

Therefore, aim for the throat with the right leg. As described in the Small Tiger Mouth technique, the trachea is composed of cricoid cartilage rings. Not easily damaged. This blow, however, is capable of crushing the windpipe against the cervical vertebrae.

The target area of the lower belly is the Tan Tien Point approximately one and one-half inches below the navel. This is the softest spot of the small intestines and therefore the most vulnerable to damage. Any excess pressure to the belly is likely to result in hernia and rupture of the smooth muscle wall that covers this area.

Again, the heels are "driven in" and twisted for maximum effect and injury. At this point, some styles bring both feet together and drive them into the solar plexus level to burst the heart and include a variation of the Double Dragon Stomp technique. Likewise, this blow ruptures the stomach and spleen, and the liver may be displaced resulting in permanent disability,

All of these targets lie along the Centerline of the Body. This is an imaginary line drawn from the top of the head to the base of the torso, front and back, upon which are found most of the major vital and fatal points of the body. Part of Count Dante's intent with this form, which includes every major fist weapon as well, was to insure that the student learn anatomy. And, he made it simple. Virtually anywhere along this line can be struck with devastating effect.

One of the reasons why so many American martial artists dislike kata practice is the commonly heard complaint that it is a long boring drill of blocks and punches. Not all of which are easy to remember. This method of self-instruction requires that the student concentrate not only on the movement he is making, but also on the target he is striking, while thinking ahead to his next movement. It is a mental exercise and challenge. Not a long, boring drill.

Stomp Crush Head

Knee Drop

Again leap into the air above the helpless victim and land with a Knee Drop to his neck, chest, or face with your right knee. This will crush his throat, sternum, or skull.

If the target selected is the skull, the top of the head will separate from the face bones. The brainstem, which controls all autonomic functions of the body, will be compressed and rupture, insuring instant death.

Shaolin monks practice this death blow by placing a large pillow in a wooden box open at one end and driving their knee into it. This is done not only as a meditation, but also as a therapeutic exercise for certain imbalances of energy, and as a coup d' grace.

It is from their records of the application of these techniques in actual combat that makes it possible to describe with great accuracy the injury or damage that will be inflicted by these strikes. And, this too is part of the anatomy and psychological training of the student.

Most people don't want to hurt others because they do not wish to be hurt themselves. So, they hesitate to strike a blow, even in self-defense. Until it is too late, and they have fallen victim to a bully, who does like to hurt people. It may sound shocking to contemplate crushing the skull of another human being or ripping out his eyeballs. But, neither of these things is that easy. To do them with conscious intent and precise accuracy requires years of daily practice. Which, unlike training in which bags or partners or wooden men is the surrogate enemy, who always "win" because they are always there for you to ventilate your anger upon. Until you realize that it is your hands and feet that are suffering not the bag. Kata practice is "no impact." In this instance, the emphasis is on speed. Because with speed, you will strike hard enough and ergonomically efficiently enough to be effective in combat. Even if you "miss the mark" by several degrees. And thinking about the injuries, no matter how distasteful, makes you realize that you do have the power of life and death in your bare hands. So, you must be careful how you use it.

One other variation of this technique is to strike with the shin across the throat. This is much like the Small Tiger Mouth Fist in effect, since the enemy, having been stunned by the strike can be choked into submission or unconsciousness by bearing down with the weight on the shin.

Throat Stomp

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