This is a book on Ninja strategy and tactics. On the one hand, these two aspects of warfare can obviously be applied to the battlefield; on the other, they represent certain aspects of the interaction of all things: the strategy of life, and tactics of mistake.

Strategy refers to planning the operation, gathering and sifting considerations of intelligence, and formulating the means whereby one may get the better of an adversary. Tactics deals with actually implementing that plan and analyzing the results.

For the swordsman, for instance, when the weapon is employed in combat, that represents tactics; having the sword resting in its sheath and possessing the ability to use it is strategy. One would naturally try to be as practiced and adept a swordsman as possible. Respect for the blade reflects respect for oneself, and further, skill demands that one have the same devotion to the scabbard. A good swordsman does not drag his cutting edge out, slicing the mouth of the receptacle and dulling the sharpness, as well as making the motion slow and noisy. Instead, he lets the blade leap into his hand as it is needed-quietly, quickly, and effectively.

To the Ninja, the Great Game of Life is the philosophical stage upon which a variety of roles may be played. Its challenge depends upon the skill with which one performs and the joy of having done one's best, whether that results in victory or defeat- although, winning is nice.

I learned Kata Dante as part of my training as a Ninja agent. But, so that the Aspirant may know the origin of this formal martial arts exercise and have the biography of the Supreme Grandmaster of the Black Dragon Fighting Society who invented and taught it as a true representation of the ancient martial arts, how they developed and why, we have included a copy of his only known publication and text World's Deadliest Fighting Secrets as a free bonus. Thus, the true Student can compare the original with this presentation and decide for himself if I have learned it well and truly. And, realize that this is only the passing on of knowledge received by a loyal and faithful member of the Black Dragon Fighting Society so that it will not be lost and so that others may practice it if they choose. Which is the purpose of our fellowship, to preserve, practice and promote the martial arts.

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