Ripping Out The Throat

Holding the enemy with the Serpentine Armlock, drive the right hand forward to strike him squarely in the throat with the "web" of the hand. This lies between the curved thumb and forefinger. This is known as the Small Tiger's Mouth Fist in most martial arts styles. It is meant to symbolize the open jaws of the tiger as it rips the throat out of its prey. Hit as hard as you can without fear of injury, since you are striking one of the soft areas of the body, and thrust the forceful open hand strike as deeply as possible into the neck. This blow injures numerous nerves and blood vessels in the carotid sheath, larynx, and trachea. Even a light blow to this area will result in gagging and uncontrollable coughing. This strike alone can render the strongest man senseless.

The impact of the web of the hand drives the root of the tongue upward and back, stretching and tearing the hypoglossal artery, which lies under the tongue. This can result in the enemy choking to death on his own blood as it fills his mouth and windpipe.

Also, as a control technique, the thumb and middle fingertips can be used to press on the mastoid process to produce severe and numbing pain, insuring that the victim will come along quietly. Very often this One Hand Choke will cut off the air supply, which may result in asphyxiation if applied long enough. But it is seldom possible to do so unless the victim is held in some other restraint technique. More often, the discomfort of pressure on the windpipe causes the victim to struggle all the harder to get free. In this case, the windpipe can still be closed by pushing the base of the tongue back, but, as this is less painful, the victim is often unaware he is being choked until it is too late.

The classical application of this deathblow, however, lies in ripping out the throat and killing the enemy in a most spectacular fashion to intimidate all his mates. To accomplish this, dig your fingers into his neck and seize the cartilaginous rings that compose the trachea. Force the thumb through the flesh behind the windpipe. The surface area of the clustered fingertips makes this impossible to do this from their side. Close the fist. Twist counter-clockwise, turning the palm toward the ground, this will tear the other side of the neck open, and peel his trachea out so it can be ripped away when you jerk your right fist strongly back to your right hip, literally "tearing out his throat."

Professional wrestlers are aware of this technique in their practice and demonstrations as well. They often "slap" the opponent on the sternum, to toughen this form of Iron Body training and make a loud noise for the crowd. All that needs be done is to slide the hand upward to seize the throat and apply the One Hand Choke. Thus, making it another "Invisible Fist," that cannot be stopped.

Ripping Out Throat Karate

Monkey Stealing A Peach

From the previous position on the right hip, while maintaining control over the opponent with the Serpentine Am-dock swing your right hand forcefully in an underhanded attack to strike the enemy's groin from below. The heel of the hand impacts against the body first. In this instance, it strikes against the pubic arch of the pelvis. This blow alone will often break the small bones and sutures at this point, crippling the enemy as the two halves of the pelvis abrade against each other, making walking impossible, a crippling technique.

The impact of this strike automatically brings the fingers and thumb up into position to seize the penis and testicles in a crushing grip after the initial strike has been effected. The previously described Dragon Claw or Tiger Claw Fist may be used.

Or the hand my be simply held with the fingers cupped to form the Shovel Strike. So named for its similarity to the action of throwing a handful of dirt upward into the enemy's eyes to temporarily blind him. An entirely separate technique from the Vanishing Methods of the Ninja.

The practice method for this strike is to hang two golf balls inside a sock at the appropriate height It takes only a few missed strikes to quickly learn all that needs to be known about gabbing the testicles. When you can strike and grip hard enough to be effective without inflicting pain on yourself, begin practicing snap-tearing the golf balls out of the sock. When you can do this, nothing short of denim or leather will prevent you from emasculating an opponent.

Once again, the key to these vicious Iron Sand Palm techniques is the action of striking, gripping, twisting and ripping strongly away. Pull upward and back toward the right shoulder, still maintaining your hold on his right arm, simulating the action of a monkey sneaking up on a peach tree, reaching up and pulling down a free fruit, and scampering off to the safety of the forest. The nature of this quick, underhanded action is the basis for the name of this technique.

It should be recalled also that this "underhanded" attack was the very method used by Roman soldiers to kill hundreds on the battlefield. And was the "secret technique' discovered by Shaka Zulu that enabled him to bring blood back into warfare and unite all the tribes of what is now South Africa at the turn of the 20th century. Furthermore, it forces the enemy to bring his guard down for the next strike. (Making An Opening)

Shuto Groin

Elbow Stroke (Horizontal)

As the enemy begins to slump forward from the effects of the previous technique, crush his sternum by striking out to his chest with the point of the right elbow.

This is a Horizontal Elbow Strike, thrown from the shoulder, using the torque of the hips as they turn back into the enemy following the Monkey Stealing A Peach technique to add momentum to the impact.

The striking surface is the olecranon process on the proximal ulnar bone. This "hook" or "point" of bone hooks into a depression in the distal end of the humerus bone of the upper arm to form the elbow joint proper.

The small knob of bone is able to strike a devastating blow to any target much like an extended knuckle on the fist might do. Since, like a knuckle, it is barely covered with skin and few if any nerves fall across the surface to discourage the student with painful bruises. Many famous martial artists who break boards with their "fists" in demonstration are actually turning their elbow in at the last second and crashing through the boards with this weapon, which is much less painful or subject to injury. The effect is that the fist has broken through the wood and the arm was bent afterward. But this gives you some idea of how powerful the technique can be.

This strike drives any remaining air out of the opponent's lungs and renders him unconscious, if he has not passed out already from pain or a previous injury. Aim for the solar plexus and the xyphoid process at the tip of the sternum. This hit will frequently snap the small triangular bone off and drive it into the diaphragm. Once there, the jagged edges of the bone lacerate the muscle itself and damage the phrenic nerve, which controls respiration. Once the diaphragm stops pumping air into the lungs, the victim soon suffocates and becomes unconscious. The intercoastal muscles of the ribcage will keep him alive. They are a natural back-up system for the bellows pump of the diaphragm. But the fight will be over.

In some Karate sparring matches, this is the only target permitted for attack, and controlled techniques are applied for safety. It takes only eight pounds of pressure; the amount needed to break a 12 x 12 inch white or yellow pine board with the grain of the wood, to stun an opponent by striking this point. Such a blow will cause temporary dysfunction of the diaphragm but leave no permanent injury.

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