Yin Fu Style Ba Gua Instructor Xie Pei Qi to Visit United States and England

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Yin Fu Style Ba Gua Zhang practitioner Xie Pei Qi

Ba Gua Zhang instructor Xie Pei Qi ^ - see

Pa Kua Chang Journal Vol. 4, No. 1, Vol. X, No. X, and Vol. X, No. X) will be touring the United States this summer as a guest of the Association for Traditional Studies. Association director, Andrew Nugent-Head, sent the following press release concerning this summer's events:

"The Association for Traditional Studies is pleased to be bringing 76 year old Yin style Bagua practitioner Dr. Xie Peiqi to the United States and Europe for this summer's Chinese Culture Lecture Series tour. Dr. Xie Peiqi, who has been practicing Bagua for almost sixty years, is the last individual to have learned both the entire martial and healing aspects of Yin Style Bagua. He was the chosen disciple of Men Baozhen (Pit who was the chosen disciple of Yin Fu Dong

Haichuan's (Jt^M1!) first and longest student and for whom this style of Bagua is named after. Dr. Xie also had the opportunity to learn from Ma Gui (^"fr), who was another of Yin Fu's senior students as well as a student of Dong Haichuan, and from the daughter of Dong Haichuan's student Fan Zhiyong who specialized in Dong's Buddhist

Qigong methods. Traditionally a closed system with few students, Dr. Xie began to teach Yin style Bagua openly ten years ago after his two chosen students died unexpectedly in an accident, leaving no heirs to the Yin style lineage. Today, Dr. Xie believes strongly that no knowledge should be kept secret, as unless his knowledge is passed on, the full system of Yin style Bagua, like many other of China's traditional arts, will be lost. To that end, Dr. Xie began working with the Association for Traditional Studies to document the entire Yin style Bagua system in book and video format, as well as holding open classes in Beijing, China. This summer, as part of its annual Chinese Culture Lecture Series, the Association is pleased to be bringing Dr. Xie to the West for lectures and workshops in Yin style Bagua's martial and healing arts.

The Chinese Culture Lecture Series brings traditional practitioners to the West in order to share what China's arts have to offer at a personal, individual to individual, level. Summer '96 will run from the end of June to the end of September in cities across the U.S. and in London, England. Dr. Xie will be offering a variety of lectures, workshops, demonstrations, and classes focusing on the topics of Chinese Medicine, Qigong for healing, the martial aspects of Yin style Bagua, and integrating China's traditional philosophy with the physical body. All lectures and workshops will be translated and assisted by Andrew Nugent-Head, the China director of the Association for Traditional Studies, who has been working with China's traditional arts in Beijing since 1987."

Calendar of Events

(scheduled as of April 15, 1996)

June 25-27:

San Francisco, California

June 28:

San Francisco, California

June 29-30:

San Francisco, California.

July 12-14:

Scottsdale, Arizona.

July 19-21:

Boulder, Colorado.

August 2-4:

Boston, Massachussetts.

August 6-8:

Boston, Massachussetts. .

August 13-15:

Northport, Long Island, New York.

August 19-23:

Rhinebeck, New York.

August 28-September 1: London, England.

September 6-10:

London, England.

September 22- 27:

Big Sur, California.

Contact the Association for Traditional Studies for the latest information on workshops not scheduled at the time of press or changes in currently scheduled workshops. Detailed information on exact locations, dates, and workshop and lecture contents can be obtained from:

The Association for Traditional Studies 601 Van Ness Ave., #E3519 San Francisco, CA, 94102 415-337-4129

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