Little Bit on Mr Sun Xikun

Mr. Sun Xikun is a Daoist and a deeply worshipful person. He is from Wujiao County in Hebei. Mr. Sun's inborn nature is sincere and generous. When he was young, he had a craving for the martial arts. Even now that he is older he still loves it. With a strong will he studied and examined the martial arts of Bagua, Xingyi, and Taiji. He became skilled and strong. He established the Dao De Martial Arts School. Mr. Sun is a person of high morals. He is easily approachable. Mr. Sun furthermore runs a kind and profound school. Most men know little at all. When Mr. Sun has spare time, he always responds to my requests for guidance. He openly gives out the secret doctrines.

I, myself, am now a teacher. I gained a lot because I kept records.

Zhifeizi Ren Yongyi wrote this.

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