Luo De Xiu to Tour the United States

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Gao Style Ba Gua Zhang instructor Luo De Xiu of Taipei, Taiwan, will conduct a series of Ba Gua seminars in the United States beginning on 30 March 1996. Luo, who has been featured in Inside Kung Fu Magazine, the Pa Kua Chang Journal (see Vol. 3, No. 5, and Vol. 4, No. 2) and the Journal of Asian Martial Arts, has conducted several other seminar tours here in the United States over the past few years and has always been well received by seminar participants. Luo is a very open teacher and enthusiastically teaches his system of Ba Gua. He can be seen on two of High View Publications Ba Gua Zhang videos, The Principles of Ba Gua Zhang Fighting, and Gao Style Ba Gua Zhang.

So far, Luo's schedule is as follows:



30-31 March Berkeley, CA

6-7 April Westminster, CA

13-14 April Denver, CO

20-21 April Morgantown, WV

4-5 May Philadelphia, PA


Bernard Langan (510) 465-9884 Tim Cartmell (714) 896-9531 Mark Brinkman (303) 333-1122 Mark Brinkman (303) 333-1122 Robert Levin (215) 473-7275

If any other group wishes to host a seminar with Luo, his schedule is flexible and his is willing to travel to your location if you want to invite him. If your school, group, or organization would like to host a seminar with Luo, please contact Mark Brinkman at (303) 333-1122.

Luo will be traveling to teach in Israel in Aug/Sept and then he will be returning to the United States in the Fall.

Pa Kua Chang Related Periodicals

Qi: The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health and Fitness: Insight Graphics, Inc., P.O. Box 221343, Chantilly, VA 22022 - Steve Rhodes and his crew at Insight Graphics continue to provide readers with interesting information relating to all aspects of Traditional Eastern health and fitness. The magazine is produced in a very high quality format. Journal of Asian Martial Arts: 821 West 24th Street, Erie, PA 16502 - This is a high quality publication which provides well researched articles in a scholarly fashion.

Internal Strength: Watercourse Publishing, P.O. Box 280948, Lakewood, CO 80228-0948 - A new periodical dedicated to bringing the reader practical information on all styles of internal arts.

The Journal of the Chen Style Taijiquan Research Association of Hawaii: Published Quarterly by Great Publishing Company, 761 Isenberg St. #A, Honolulu, HI 96826-4541

1996 Calendar of Pa Kua Chang Workshops and Seminars




Contact for Information

Park Bok Nam

Chicago, IL

9 March 96

Husain Quaragholi

(312) 922-0208

Luo De Xiu

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See Previous Page

Park Bok Nam

Boston, MA

9 March 96

Craig Dougherty

(617) 325-0187

John Painter

Arlington, TX


John Painter

(817) 860-0129

Park Bok Nam

Padova, Italy

9-13 May 96

Jacopo Silicani


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