The Skills Of Baguazhang

The martial skill of Baguazhang uses turning the circle to make the foundation. The body has three forms. With directions you will be able to complete them. They are dragon, monkey and eagle. Walk like a dragon. Turn like a monkey. Change like an eagle. Use the Treading Mud Steps, the scissors shaped legs and be secure like sitting in a sedan chair. Within it are included the 72 Secret Feet. Inside are concealed the Intercepting Legs. It has the skills of 1,000 changes and 10,000 transformations. Then there is the study of the assembly of the heart, mind and spirit.

Moreover this art uses horizontal and vertical energies. It does not distinguish the overflow and carry off energies. First refine turning the big circle. Then use the palm method. One palm guards the inside. One palm must guard the outside. Both palms together are inside the circle. The feet must fall levelly. The inside foot stretches to walk. The outside foot hooks inwards. On the hand, the thumb opens up. The tiger's mouth must be round. The other four fingers are arranged. The center of the palm must be empty. It is shaped like an ox's tongue. The outgoing hand is like a tongue licking all this.

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