22 Battle-hardened

The consequences of nine years of war By J.R. Wilson

32 The Army's Way Ahead

By Scott R. Gourley

42 Even Smarter Next Time

Precision munitions, unmanned systems, and other "smart" weapons are transforming the battlefield By J.R. Wilson

60 Camouflage Today

An ancient art moves into the 21st century By J.R. Wilson

78 War Experience Affects International Procurement

By J.R. Wilson


Dear Readers,

Welcome to the latest edition. We have a couple of exciting announcements to make in this issue.

First of all, this edition will be the first to drop "The Year in" from the title. Founded in 1997, The Year in Defense spent the first dozen years of its life as an annual. Then in 2009 we converted to a quartet of individual issues for aerospace, land systems, naval, and defense-wide coverage, as well as launching an accompanying Web site to go with the print editions. Therefore, the change in title reflects our mission to provide timely and accurate information right across the defense industry.

Secondly, we're delighted to announce the roll-out of our new Web site Defense Media Network (www.defensemedianetwork). Beginning this fall, www.theyearindefense.com will be re-launched under the brand Defense Media Network to reflect Faircount Media Group's wider portfolio of defense products.

Launched in August 2009, www.theyearindefense.com began life as the online version of The Year in Defense. The site maintains a similar structure to the print editions, with specific areas focusing on aerospace, naval, land systems, and defense-wide issues, but with the added value of dynamic content that was constantly being updated. Since the inception of the site, it has grown to incorporate other disciplines, including special operations, homeland security, logistics, and international operations. The broader scope made it necessary to give the site a new name to encompass both the wider editorial net that the site casts as well as the daily frequency of news.

With Faircount Media Group producing titles covering the Coast Guard, special operations, homeland security, veterans affairs, and military medicine, as well as publications in cooperation with many international partners, a Web site was needed to catch all these equally important subject areas. Transitioning to Defense Media Network reflects the spread of this editorial coverage and the growing list of Faircount's U.S. government and international partners.

Within the pages of Defense and online at www.defensemedianetwork.com, you will find unique editorial features, commentaries, opinions, interviews, and profiles, all combined with content from the print editions. Our renowned group of defense writers, including Robert F. Dorr, Norman Friedman, John D. Gresham, Scott R. Gourley, Clarence A. Robinson, Jr., and J.R. Wilson, is also part of our online editorial team, guaranteeing a constant flow of the highest-quality editorial.

We will be investing considerable resources to make Defense Media Network one of the leading sites for defense and security information. So please dig into the new site and make full use of its many benefits.

- The Publishers


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