effect, my whole career, over 20-plus years, of contracting and supporting SOF in small-scale ways and in the background. About a year-and-a-half ago we decided to make that the large corporate investment in raising our profile here in developing capabilities and services for SOCOM. And we are an awardee on the Global Battlestaff contract. That contract covers basically the whole gamut of services that SOCOM needs outside of IT and warehousing/logistics support: acquisitions for intelligence analysis; budgeting and financial analysis; subject matter experts; planning readiness, including continuity of operations.

Overall, at a billion-and-a-half dollars a year in business, you're no longer a medium-sized company. SRA has now become one of the major players in this industry, hasn't it? What has been the mechanism of your growth? Have you been aggressively acquiring, or have you just slowly grown the business over those decades?

I'd say we've more slowly grown the business. We have made key acquisitions over time, but nothing along the scales of some of our competitors. Almost all of our growth has become organic, and we look at acquisitions as a way to enter new o Airspace IS

Integrating Unmanned Aircraft o Airspace IS

The TAAC has developed a UAS test bed to integrate payloads for TCDT&E

Rapid payload integration and flight testing to satisfy user needs...today and in the future m|T] Technical Analysis & Bgjg Applications Center


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