Chang Chao Tung center poses with a group of martial artists in Hang Chou in 1929 The man standing fourth from the right next to the man with his leg up is the originator of IChuan Wang Hsiang Chai Wangs top student Chao Tao Hsin is standing between Wang and

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known as "little brother." Liu agreed to teach them and thus they would all frequently travel from their respective home villages to study with Liu Chi-Lan.1

It is said that Liu Chi-Lan was a very open Hsing-I teacher and liked to exchange martial arts ideas with martial artists of other styles. He never moved to a big city, he preferred to stay in the countryside and teach there. Many martial artists came to meet him and after talking with him for a short time would decided to stay and study Hsing-I with him.

Chang Chao-Tung was naturally very agile and coordinated. When Liu Chi-Lan showed him something, he would pick it up very fast. It is said that Chang was one of Liu's "inner door" disciples who really got the essence of his teaching. Chang practiced bare hand boxing until he mastered that and then went on to study Hsing-I weapons. His skill eventually got to the level of practice where his form was the result of his intent, his intent was manifest in his form, his form followed the changes of his intent and his intent was born of the form. This is said to be the highest level of martial arts skill.

When Chang Chao-Tung was 18, his home village experienced a bad year for crops. The county government was corrupt and was making people pay high taxes. When the tax collector came to the village to collect taxes, the villagers tried to "wine and dine" the tax collector so that he would leave without demanding such high taxes be paid. They tried to soften

him up with a big meal and gifts and explained that they had had a very bad harvest that year. Unfortunately, their plan did not work and the official demanded that they pay their taxes in full. As he was leaving town with their money, Chang Chao-Tung ran up to him, knocked him off his horse, beat him up, took all of the money and gave it back to the people in the village. From this incident he gained a reputation as being "upright" and a "savior of the people."

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