Chang Chao Tung was also known widely as Chang Chan Kuei

was best known for defeating a Japanese martial artist and a German strongman. During this period in China's history, anytime a Chinese boxer beat an opponent from a foreign country, it was big news. However, Chang's dealings with the foreigners extended beyond the boxing challenge platform.

On one occasion there was an American ship in the Tianjin harbor whose crew was stealing Chinese women to take back to America and sell as prostitutes. The vessel was disguised as a merchant ship, however, the crew members were actually pirates. The Chinese police, who were probably being bribed, did not do anything to stop the pirates. In a last ditch effort to save the girls who had been captured Feng Kuo-Chang, a famous local official, sent Chang Chao-Tung out to the ship in a small boat. Chang got up on the boat and fought with the pirates.

Some accounts of this event tell of Chang fighting as many as forty pirates. Whatever their numbers, Chang defeated the pirates and saved the Chinese girls. Because he had beaten so many men in so little time, Feng gave him the nickname "lightning hands." It is said that although Chang was big and tall, he was also extremely fast with this hands and feet. His footwork was very smooth and lightning fast. It is said that he was not afraid of weapons, other than guns, because his footwork was so good no one could touch him with a weapon.

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