Final Caveat

By the way, Erle has produced many articles and books on the subject of bagua, and I will not try to repeat what he has written on the forms and methods he teaches. Much of what follows in the various chapters will be discussions of subjects and training methods I teach in my personal classes. Consequently, if you don't have experience in Erle's or anyone's bagua, you may find it somewhat frustrating and the descriptions vague or hard to understand. I am afraid I cannot do much about that.

As I said earlier, this is not a how-to-manual. Any good text on bagua is designed to stimulate thought and provide historical and theoretical background—not teach movement.

If you focus on bagua, practise regularly to the best of your abilities and invest a minimum of five years with me or another competent instructor; you should develop a real understanding of its principles and core methods as a self-healing and combative system. After that, your progress is limited only by your diligence, dedication and your willingness to seek out better instructors.

Finally, if one of my current or former bagua students is reading this, thanks for having studied with me—a good instructor needs good students to continue to develop as a practitioner and teacher. It is also true that there are almost as few good students of any internal discipline as there are good teachers.

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