Advanced Standing Still Qigong Push the Palms

Starting from the Wuji Posture, shift the weight of the body onto the right leg, so that you can extend your left hand and left foot forward while the right hand covers the centreline and faces into the upper forearm of the left arm. All the weight of the body has dropped into and remains on the right leg. The right Dragon Palm is facing the inside of the left elbow and forearm area. Inhale and push with the centre of both palms while straightening the fingers. Exhale, while retracting the palms, and let the fingers return to the Dragon Palm shape. Do 8 or 16 of these breaths. There should be minimal movement of the body and the arms.

Use a Changing Step to retract the left side and extend the right side so that you can do an equal number of breaths on that side. Do not move the weight from the rear leg and don't use your arms to push—use your palms! It is important to not overdo this exercise as you can strain the muscles and ligaments in the palm and, in energy terms, you can raise up too much Yang energy!

I am not quite sure if this is what Erle calls this qigong method, and it can be found on his video produced in the mid-1990s that had the fighting methods, as well as the eight wrist releases, the eight kicking methods and a variety of training methods.

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