Brute Force

Brute Force depends on strength and some understanding of crude techniques or just experience at brawling. It is often laughed at by martial artists who confine their practice to the co-operative atmosphere of the martial classroom, but their contempt is unwarranted, as brawling regularly is one of the best ways to learn how to fight if that is all that interests you. Of course, it won't do anything for your character or your health.

Although Brute Force works very effectively against smaller or unskilled opponents and is often used by very large people or bullies, the ability to use it effectively fades with age, and is of less use against someone who uses the following three categories of martial force, no matter what their size and relative strength.

However, many a fit modern sport martial artist has had the „„ knocked out of them by an older pot-bellied brawler who wasn't impressed by the talk of black belts and was used to getting hit because fighting was his idea of a recreational activity! If your opponent shrugs off the impact of your best technique as he rushes in and gets his hands around your neck, you'd better have a back-up plan (or a heavy stick) ready—or reevaluate how you train if you survive.

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