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Standing qigong is a marvellous exercise for beginners, although they rarely agree. It is designed to teach fundamentals of posture and body mechanics, slowing the breathing, and learning how to relax as much as possible while still doing work, and how to stretch the fingers and the palms.

The intermediate level of bagua student should concentrate on walking the circle as the primary qigong method. The one-legged standing Breathing Palms Method is also time-ef-fecient method of martial qigong.

However, too much standing is not good for an individual. It can be addictive. I would be remiss if I didn't point out that obsessively standing still in weird positions is a symptom of certain neurological and psychological disorders. On a purely physical level it can needlessly stress the body. For example, circulatory problems (e.g., haemorrhoids) are common results for those who stand excessive periods of time, especially when they don't get a sufficient amount of movement exercise.

One of my taiji students was apparently recently telling her Chinese acupuncturist about the hip troubles that I have suffered in recent years. He was apparently surprised until told that I did standing qigong and other internal martial arts. "Oh, sometimes, people who do a lot of standing qigong get hip troubles," was his comment. So, there you go—perhaps I overdid it and should have listened to my own good advice!

One last word of advice—time is inelastic, and it is better to know a few training methods well and practise them regularly than to be a dabbler. Erle taught me other qigongs as well that I no longer practise or teach. There are a host of others that I never practised regularly available on his videos. Feel free to experiment with those or with any competent methods you can learn elsewhere, but remember to focus in your daily training on those methods that are most beneficial to your individual needs.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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