Frequency Intensity of Practice

It should go without saying that it is essential to practise the forms regularly, preferably every day, if you want to see progress! However, it is better to focus your full attention on that one repetition rather than to do them several times in a row while daydreaming, or just going through the motions.

It is worth repeating that part of what makes bagua an internal system is the attention that must be paid to being attentive in one's practice. It has also been my experience over the years that intermediate level students tend to have trouble with the idea of paying attention to what they are doing once they have learned the forms physically well enough so that they can practise more or less automatically.

Daydreaming or not paying attention tends to settle into their daily practice, while quality of attentiveness goes out the door. Doing a form competently should always feel and look to an observer like you are doing it well for the first time or the last. Perhaps, this is an attitude to hold onto to help you focus on your daily training to make it really worthwhile. Quality over quantity, so to speak..

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