No Force

The average practitioner of No Force has chosen to define bagua training as a complete lack of muscular force and effort. The movements of such a person seem "mushy," without focus, and barely succeed in keeping him or her upright, much less martially capable. In this way not using force is interpreted as a total absence of force of any kind, as opposed to being a specific kind of applied energy based on efficient body mechanics.

By the way, natural body mechanics are found in many people who don't do the internal arts—any talented athlete in any sport have discovered or been trained to use the most efficient movement and posture to do the sport in which they excel. Similarly, many so-called primitive people also express internal body mechanics in they way they stand and move—the Masai of Africa and the natives of the Amazon forest express efficient posture and movement in a way that seems alien to out-of-shape Westerners.

Those who advocate this No Force training usually emphasise circular form or standing qigong as being the epitome of their art, and either don't practise any martial exercises, or limit their practice to overly rubbery and co-operative sensitivity training.

Instructors of such approaches are usually the ones who advocate to "do your form and it will bring self-defence skills automatically," or teach their students to "project Qi out of their palms at attackers." They are also often overweight, not in a particularly good condition, and actually seem to feel that this is somehow an indication they have "got it" martially. In the relative safety of a training environment, it is easy for both teacher and students alike to come to believe that a lack of force is somehow magical. You don't have to be very fit to learn how to fight—but being fit cannot hurt your efforts in that direction.

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