It can take many months, if not years, to ingrain the proper basic body mechanics of walking and the details of the postures within the forms themselves. In the beginning, it is better to try and do the movements in a relatively slow and mechanical manner. I think that it is very important to take your time learning this form, especially if you are only working from videos or have infrequent access to a good bagua instructor.

Once you have mastered these, practise with smoothness and fluidity in mind. However, remember that the postures within each change don't flow one into the other. There are subtle and less subtle pauses at the end of each martial set.

Walk slowly and evenly between the changes in the Circular Form. You can use more speed while moving though the postures that make up each change. Again, it is useful advice to remember to practise relatively slowly, although this is not Yang Style Slow Form practice, and it is possible to try to do the movements too slowly. Many of the spinning or turning postures will be easier if you use a little speed while trying to learn how to use them.

Similarly, the pace of the Linear Form is variable in the sense that it can be done very quickly or relatively slowly, but never as slowly as the Yang Style Slow Form. I have seen some benefit to practising this form by stopping at the end of each individual fighting method while going quickly and smoothly through each method. This helps to teach the students learning the form where the martial "chunks" are, and to get them ready to practise interactively with each other.

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