Setting Realistic Goals

A minority of gifted students, no matter what their age, will have one intuitive breakthrough after another in their training. However, most of us will only achieve a deeper understanding of ourselves and bagua, one element at a time, over the years.

The following strategies may help you make the most of your training and avoid injury:

• Decide what you want from your training, set progressive and realistic goals, and put them in writing. Break these down into smaller ones and assign them deadlines.

• Keep a daily training diary, even on those days that you don't train. (Studying the reasons why you didn't practise on a given day may help you determine patterns and counterproductive habits.)

• Expect setbacks. There may be weeks that you cannot train because of professional or work commitments. There may be minor or serious injuries that require a period of rest and rehabilitation. Long-term moderate effort is the ultimate key to being able to train for the rest of your life.

• Don't be too humble. Mastering a difficult technique or having a sudden insight into some aspect of your training should be acknowledged with pride.

• Don't be too proud. Keep your skills and accomplishments in perspective and identify those areas in your training which still need work and can be realistically improved.

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