Skilful Force

Skilful Force is an evolutionary step up from Brute Force and combines factors of body mass, strength, and co-ordination with emotional maturity, martial experience, and superior technical skill. The training emphasis is usually on techniques and tactics, as opposed to intuitive application of principles. In addition, speed, strength, and flexibility of the arms and legs tend to be the key components to developing this ability.

Depending on the training, Skilful Force is effective in defence against those using similar tactics, or unskilled aggressors. In what I like to call "the pseudo-internal arts," it is usually used by those instructors who teach bagua, taiji, or qigong as a commercial sideline to their hard kung-fu or Japanese Style.

However, in all fairness, many external stylists develop admirable levels of Skilful Force and are strong and capable exponents of their respective arts. Such practitioners are often able to retain their skills into middle age although they usually must moderate or curtail their participation in sparring or competition in favour of teaching or form practice.

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