The Basic Martial Curriculum

Developing some competency in the following training methods is essential if you hope to begin understanding bagua as a martial art. I have tried my best to remain true to Erle's instruction while blending in methods from other instructors that seemed useful.

In this context, I have tried to live by some very good advice I received from one of my former taiji instructors, Alan Weiss. He suggested, as I continued to train and develop my understanding of taiji and bagua, that I focus on being a first-rate Michael Babin rather than a second-rate Erle Montaigue.

Consequently, my interpretation of the forms and methods that do come from Erle, without doubt, reflect both my own aptitudes and inadequacies. Don't blame him if you disagree with what you read, or what I have taught you!

The forms and methods are listed in the order you would normally learn from me. The text on each is designed to supplement, and not replace, the guidance of competent one-on-one instruction. Consequently, I make no apologies for being vague or incomplete in my advice on these various methods.

If you are reading this and have never had my guidance or that of a competent bagua instructor, whether he or she is in the wtba or not; it will be hard to gain more than a superficial understanding of the following text.

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Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

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