The Eight Wrist Releases

This is basic training on using the Eight Mother Palms to defend against a passive grab by your partner. A couple of the methods that I teach are slightly different from those taught by Erle if you refer to his videos or books.

Remember to stretch the Dragon Palms when your partner starts to squeeze/grab your arm, as on the street this would normally be an unconscious and unintended warning signal that the grabber is about to hit you with the other hand. Use this to your advantage. To do this, your attention must be focussed on "listening" at the point of contact. Being sensitive to subtle physical cues is an essential aspect of any internal art.

Try to get used to doing the correct follow-up for each method, and to use the right method for the appropriate grab. With competence and long term training, you will find that each method can be used, usually with very little modification, against a variety of common grabs, not just those you are accustomed to.

Be careful that you don't use brute force—either as the dummy or the person practising the method. Also be careful when in the dummy role that you don't remain too relaxed, especially if you have learned elsewhere to grip strongly despite being relaxed. In the beginning, the student needs some stiffness in the grab to be able to make it work relatively easily.

You will probably find, as you develop some skill, that it becomes a natural reaction to start countering whatever is being done to you. Try to learn to turn such skills off and on, as you don't do the less experienced student any favours by making it harder than necessary for him or her to explore each of the eight basic wrist releases.

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