Twoperson Training Methods

I shouldn't have to say this to anyone with any real martial experience, but since many modern students don't fall into that category, and are a little hard of hearing, I will shout:

you have to practise the interactive methods with other human beings to have any hope of learning how they might work in a confrontational situation.

Sad to say that there are still many internal arts teachers who tell their students that you don't have to sweat, or get bruised, or make contact with your training partner to learn how to apply the postures and principles of an internal art. I don't know what is worse: those misguided or fraudulent teachers making money and gratifying their egos by teaching rubbish, or the many students who swallow rubbish because they would rather believe that wearing spiffy costumes, walking in circles any which way, and being able to discuss the I-Ching can compensate for working hard physically

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