Upright and Integrated Force

This type of force is what I like to call "semi-internal," and its practitioners have taken their understanding of Skilful Force one step farther. They have learned or realised that an upright, balanced posture enables them to use centrifugal force in a very effective manner, particularly against straight line attacks.

As well as being upright, the practitioner of this kind of force has learned to mesh the turning of the body and the shifting of weight so that most of his or her mass is behind each technique. Their body mechanics tend to be much less stiff than the earlier categories, smoother and more rounded.

Most of the instructors I have met who teach the martial aspects of their respective internal arts never progress beyond this stage, as it becomes very effective against the techniques of those using the other forces previously described. At this level, it is also very difficult to find better role models.

In addition, human nature being what it is, those using this category of force are also less likely to be willing to give up their status as established experts to take their training a step further, by bending the knee and publicly admitting that someone can actually be farther along the way than they are.

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