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You are gripped around the waist (Fig. 31).

1. Place your left hand in the small of his back and apply a chin jab, as in Fig. 32.

If necessary, knee him in the testicles.

You are gripped around the chest (Fig. 33).

1. If you are wearing a helmet, smash your opponent in the face with it.

2. Stamp on his feet with either foot.

3. 3. Seize him by the testicles with your right or left hand.

NO. 9A-FROM A BEAR HUG (BACK. OVER THE ARMS) Alternative Release

You are gripped around the chest (Fig. 33).

1. Seize your opponent's testicles with your left hand (causing him to break his hold).

2. Pass your right arm over his right (Fig. 34).

3. Slip out from under his arm by turning to your left and stepping backwards with your right foot, seizing his right wrist with both hands and jerking it downwards.

Finish up by kicking him in the face (Fig. 35).

You are gripped around the chest (Fig. 36).

1. If you are wearing a helmet, smash your opponent's face with it.

2. Stamp on his feet with either foot.

3. Seize his little finger with your right hand, bend it back-wards, and walk out of the hold (Fig. 37).

You are seized by the hair from behind and pulled back, as in Fig. 38.

1. With both hands, seize your opponent's right wrist and arm with a very firm grip, making him keep the hold shown in Fig. 39.

2. Turn to your left (inwards, towards your opponent) by pivoting on your left foot. This will twist his arm.

3. Step backwards as far as possible with your right foot, jerking his hand off your head in a downward and backward direction between your legs (Fig. 40).

Note. - It is possible that this will tear quite a bit of your hair out by the roots, but it is very unlikely that you will notice it at the time.

4. Keep a firm grip on his wrist and arm, and follow up with a smashing kick to your opponent's face with the toe of your right boot.

Right Face Movement

Note A. - All the above movements must be one rapid and continuous motion.

Note B. - When in the position shown in Fig. 40, you can increase the force of your kick to the face by pulling your opponent's arm slightly upwards and towards you. This movement also enables you to get back on balance.

This is the most effective hold known, and very little exertion on your part (three to four pounds' pressure) is required to make even the most powerful prisoner obey you. It is possible also for you to conduct him, even if resisting, as far as he is able to walk. You have such complete control of him that you can, if necessary, use him as cover against attack from others.

The movements you have to make to secure this hold are very complicated, which is mainly the reason why it is almost unknown outside of the Far East. But the advantage one gains in knowing that he can effectively apply this hold more than repays for the time that must be spent in mastering it.

First concentrate on making every move slowly, gradually speeding up until all movements become one continuous motion. When you have thoroughly mastered the hold, then learn to secure it from any position in which you have secured your opponent. It should be understood that this hold is not a method of attack, but simply a "mastering hold,"

which is applied only after you have partially disabled or brought your opponent to a submissive frame of mind by one of the "follow up" methods (BLOWS). Should your opponent not be wearing a helmet or similar pro-tection which covers his cars, the following will be found to be a very simple method of making him submissive: Cup your hands and strike your opponent simultaneously over both ears (Fig. 41). This will probably burst one or both ear drums and at least give him a mild form of concussion. It can be applied from the front or from behind.

Stand facing your opponent and slightly to his left.

1. Insert your right thumb between the thumb and forefinger of his left hand, your fingers under the palm of his hand, your thumb to the right (Fig. 42).

2. Seize his left elbow with your left hand, knuckles to the right, and thumb outside and close to your own forefingers (Fig. 43).

3. Step in towards your opponent; at the same time, turn your body so that you are facing in the same direction, simultaneously forcing his left forearm up across his chest and towards his left shoulder by pulling his elbow with your left hand over your right forearm and forcing upwards with your right hand (Fig. 44). Release the hold with your left hand just as soon as you have pulled his elbow over your right forearm, and hold your oppo-nent's left elbow very close to your body.

4. Keeping a firm grip on the upper part of his left arm with your right arm, immediately seize the fingers of his left hand with your left. This will prevent him from trying to seize one of the fingers of your right hand and also give you an extra leverage for applying pressure as follows:

5. Press down on the back of his hand towards your left-hand side with your right hand. Should your opponent be a very-powerful man and try to resist, a little extra pressure applied by pulling his fingers downwards towards your left-hand side with your left hand will be sufficient to bring him up on his toes and convince him that he has met his master (Fig. 45).



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