Forces W E Fairbairn

This blow can be delivered only when you are very close to your opponent.

1. Putting the weight of your body on one leg, bend the knee of the other by drawing your heel slightly backwards, and drive your knee quickly upwards into your opponent's testicles (Fig. 13).

Note. - This blow is frequently used to bring your opponent into a more favorable position for applying the chin jab (Fig. 14).

Chin Jab Second World War

1. You are seized by the right wrist, as in Fig. 15. Bend your wrist and arm towards your body, twisting your wrist outwards against your opponent's thumb (Fig. 16).

Chin Jab William Fairbairn

Note A. - This must be accomplished with one rapid and continuous motion.

Note B. - No matter with which hand your opponent seizes either of your wrists, the important thing to remember is to tioist your wrist against his thumb.

1. You are seized by the left wrist, by two hands, as in Fig. 17, your opponent's thumbs being on top. Reach over and catch hold of your hand with your right. Pull your left hand sharply towards your body, against his thumbs (Fig. 18).

Note A. - The pressure on his thumbs, which is slightly upwards and then downwards, will force him to release his hold immediately.

Note B. - Follow up with chin jab, edge-of-the-hand, or knee kick to the testicles.

Should your opponent seize you as in Fig. 19 (his thumbs under-neath), pass your right hand under and catch hold of your left hand as in Fig. 20. Pull down sharply towards you.

Hold Testicles

Fig. 20

Fig. 20

You are seized by the throat, as in Fig. 21, and forced back against a wall.

1. With a smashing blow with the edge of your right hand, strike your opponent's right wrist towards your left-hand side. Follow up with a knee kick to his testicles (Fig. 22).

Commando Strangle

You are seized from in front by the throat, as in Fig. 23.

1. With your left hand seize your opponent's right elbow from underneath, your thumb to the right.

2. With your right hand, reach over his arms and seize his right wrist (Fig. 24).

3. With your right arm apply pressure downwards on his left arm; at the same time, with a circular upward morion of your left hand, force his elbow towards your right side. This will break his hold of your throat and put him off balance (Fig. 25).

4. Keeping a firm grip with both hands, turn rapidly towards your right-hand side by bringing your right leg to your right rear. Follow up with edge-of-the-hand blow on his right elbow (Fig. 26).

Note. - All the above movements must be one rapid and continuous motion.

Bear Hug Self Defense Drawing

You are gripped around the waist (Fig. 27).

1. Knee your opponent in the testicles.

2. With the outer or inner edge of either boot, scrape his shin-bone from about half way from the knee and follow through by stamping on his instep.

3. If, as a soldier, you are wearing a helmet, smash him in the face with it.

4. Seize his testicles with either hand.

Bear Hug Hold Self Defense

NO. 7A - FROM A BEAR HUG (FRONT, OVER THE ARMS) Alternative Release

You are gripped around the waist (Fig. 27).

1. If possible, bite his ear. Even though not successful, the attempt will cause him to bend forward and into a posi-tion from which you can seize his testicles with your right hand

2. Reach over his arm with your left forearm (Fig. 29).

3. Apply pressure on his right arm with your left (causing him to break his hold), and force his head downwards. Smash him in the face with your right knee (Fig. 30).

If necessary, follow up with edge-of-the-hand blow on back of his neck.

Note. - Should your opponent anticipate..your intention when you are in the position shown in Fig. 29 and resist the pressure of your left arm, go after his eyes with your left hand as in Fig. 30A, and follow up with a knee to the testicles.

Palm Heel Strike Fairbairn

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