Family Bunker Plans

Family Bunker Plans

This ebook from John Hartman, ex-military gives you all of the practical tools that you need to build a bunker for you and your family to protect them from terrorist attacks and dangerous attacks on the United States. Would you not say that you are willing to protect your family no matter what? Then this bunker should be an excellent investment. This guide teaches you how to keep your family safe in the following ways: you will be able living in your bunker for 6 months, you will learn to build a source of renewable power, and fit up to 5 people comfortably. You will learn to build a bunker that is secretive and hidden, and impossible to break into. Your bunker will be plenty solid, in order to resist dangerous terrorist attacks. Learn to protect your family in the best way possible with this guide Start building your bunker and save your family! Continue reading...

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Highly Recommended

The writer presents a well detailed summery of the major headings. As a professional in this field, I must say that the points shared in this book are precise.

All the testing and user reviews show that Family Bunker Plans is definitely legit and highly recommended.

M24 Sniper Miles Training

Using MILES against multiple cluster targets requires the sniper to select the target that will have the greatest effect on the enemy. The trainer provides instant feedback on the sniper's performance. Situations may be created such as bunkers, hostage situations, and MOUT firing. The hit-miss indicating aspects of MILES are invaluable in this type of training.

Training Notes

(3) Targets placed inside a bunker-type position allows the sniper to gain experience firing into darkened openings. This position can be built with logs and sandbags with an E-type silhouette on a hit-kill mechanism placed inside. E-TYPE SILHOUETTE, HIT-KILL MECHANISM, EMPLACED INSIDE A BUNKER.

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