Recipe For Success

As an athlete and trainer, I recognize the complexity involved in creating a complete training program. It can become pretty damn confusing and frustrating. We all want to be the best, but often find ourselves lost when constructing a weekly program. Cookie-cutter routines do not work. I cannot spoon feed one program that fulfills the strength and conditioning needs of the entire population. We are all unique, hence the importance of constructing a program that caters to our differences.

I have written about my Recipe For Success system in the past. I believe this system may benefit you so I have "borrowed" some text from my book Medicine Ball Training and Then Some... In this book, I described the Recipe for Success system as a method to construct a unique training program that caters to the individual. Let's take a look at this system and see how it can make sense of your training schedule.

We all have unique training objectives. Due to our individual differences, we must view our workouts on an individual basis. There are no one-size fits all approaches to fitness. For this reason, we can all benefit from the Recipe For Success system. We will each create a recipe unique to our needs.

Consider the world-renowned chefs who have become famous for their tasty entrees and deserts. Each ingredient is selected with a specific purpose. The chef is careful to select the best ingredients. Each ingredient is precisely measured. Too much of one ingredient can ruin the recipe. Each meal is cooked for a pre-determined time period. If the chef overcooks the meal, it will be ruined.

Let's now relate these cooking terms to our training program. Our ingredients are the exercises that we include in our workout.

The quantity of each ingredient relates to the number of sets and repetitions that we perform for each exercise. Suppose a recipe calls for 1 cup of sugar, but the chef instead uses 1 teaspoon. Obviously he has not used enough sugar to generate a taste. The same logic applies to exercise. If our "ingredient' consists of pushups, but we only include 1 repetition, we have not used enough of this ingredient to generate a response. The ingredient is useless unless we use the correct quantity.

What about cooking time? If a meal is overcooked, it will be ruined. This concept also applies to exercise. If you "overcook" the muscles, your recipe will be ruined. You must work the muscles without overtraining. If you "undercook" the muscles, you have not trained hard enough, hence will not generate a noticeable response.

Fitness Fundamentals

Fitness Fundamentals

Everyone knows that good health is something to be treasured and respected, but few make a conscious habit to pay attention to their health until the red flag appears which in most cases signifies really poor health conditions. Get fit with the info here.

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